The Privately Guided Experience:

On a privately guided safari, your guide is involved at every level.

It all begins with planning the perfect journey plan and itinerary when we have the opportunity to understand your dreams and expectations and ensure that these convert into reality.

And we encourage big dreams – meeting the people behind the headlines, witnessing never before seen ceremonies, participating in active conservation work, staying in private homes, and so much more.

Makwela Transfrontier Safaris offers you a team of guides who are deeply and broadly knowledgeable and whose passion is sharing Africa’s wildlife and wilderness with guests from around the world, facilitating an extraordinary journey into the wildest places.

Having a Makwela partner guide further allows the option of incorporating a traditional luxury mobile safari into your itinerary, ensuring complete exclusivity and even greater freedom of movement. These mobile camps offer a taste of what it was to safari in the days of the early explorers, to spend each day as you choose, moving from one adventure to the next, unhindered by any schedule.

The luxury of traveling with a private guide is that every detail is taken care of – ensuring a complete journey for your private group or family on safari.

There is something exotic, romantic and exciting about an African safari. It is unlike anywhere else in the World with endless iconic destinations; from Cape Town to Kruger National Park and beyond, the private luxury game reserves incorporated within the Greater Kruger National Park, the majestic views of Namibia, the tranquil beaches of Mozambique, the Serengeti and the Skeleton Coast, Zanzibar, the Victoria Falls and the Okavango Delta to name but a few.